12 Fall Outfits from Polyvore Accessorized With Pearls

Today’s post will show you some amazing fall outfits we found on POLYVORE. Since we loved these looks so much, we decided to accessorize them with our pearls. September is here, kids are back to school, we are back at the office, days are getting shorter. In other words, the summer routine has changed and autumn feels empowered to dictate what we’ll be wearing the next couple of months. But don’t worry, you can still wear your pearls! So, in case you’re wondering what to wear pearls with this fall season, let’s take a look at the suggested items. They will help us prepare our new fall outfits. read more

5 New White Pearl Earrings Designs That Will Win Your Heart

Looking for new earrings? How about a splendid pair of white pearl earrings? We know how you’re constantly looking for special earrings to compliment your outfits, earrings that enable you to wear them the next years as well. We’ve recently added new pearl earring designs to our collection of pearl earrings. You can check the new arrivals here. But before you do that, let us show you 5 pairs of white pearl earrings that will instantly win your heart!

How Pearl Stud Earrings Became a Staple

Pearl stud earrings have become a staple in modern society because they symbolize wealth, refinement, and grace. They are the ideal accessory for powerful women who want to impress. Pearls have always had a special standard on the jewelry market because they are some of the most valuable organic gems available alongside diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.

While diamonds make for exuberant jewelry pieces, pearls have a unique elegance that has made them the key pieces in women’s jewelry boxes for many years now. They have a special subtlety that makes them the perfect fit for sophisticated women. read more

10 Great Ways to Wear Pearls This Summer

10 Great Ways to Wear Pearls This Summer

We can barely contain our excitement for the upcoming summer months! The great days of summer are getting closer and during the spring is the perfect time to begin shedding bulky winter threads and replacing them with fun, breezy and incredibly chic clothing. When a new season comes, the annual renewal of trends (the old and once forgotten) begins.

What comes along with filling your closet with exciting new trends? Matching those trends with accessories that enhance your look from fabulous to overly sensational! At Pearls Only, we are ecstatic to find all of the many ways you can add pearls to your wardrobe. read more

10 Of The Most Beautiful Pearls For Mother’s Day

Shopping for Mother’s Day can be an overwhelming event if you don’t have an idea of what your mother will want. When it comes to mom, you want to get her something that is special, sentimental and of course within your budget.

Finding the perfect gift can sometimes be complicated because there are so many things on the market to choose from but one item that seems to never go out of style for Mother’s Day because they are a classic buy are pearls!

You may be thinking, what kind of pearls? This is where we come in. We have created a wonderful gift guide of 10 of the most beautiful pearls for Mother’s Day for your #1 lady. read more

Pantone Has Chosen Marsala as the Color For 2015

Get ready to whet your fashion palate because the color of the year is sure to tempt your taste buds.  Pantone, the global color of authority has chosen the color Marsala as the New Year’s most “in” hue. Fashionistas will be sipping from this delicious sort as it is a great color for beautiful dresses and beauty lovers will surely love for their makeup collection.

“Much like the fortified wine that gives Marsala its name, this tasteful hue embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal, while it’s grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness. This hearty, yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors.” –Pantone.com read more


This Fashionista was chosen as our “Fashionista of the Day in Pearls” because she is chic and looking sweet and floral with pearls galore!

Iren P., style blogger of Liakw.com, showed off her style with a great straw white fedora hat,  a stylish green floral jumpsuit by Sheinside, DIY round pearl sunglasses, a big pearl bangle, a chic white shopper bag by Stradivarius, white pointy sandals by Zara, and a fashionable double pearl necklace.

This flower pattern reminds us of the updated version of the 80’s style when flowers ruled in fashion. We can’t resist! read more

FASHIONISTA OF THE DAY IN PEARLS: Anna P. (@practicalqueenap)

This Fashionista was chosen as our “Fashionista of the Day in Pearls” because she makes all black look sexy with pearls!

Anna, style blogger of Practical Queen AP, showed off her style with an adorable little black lace dress by H&M, a beaded clutch handbag, chic sandal boots by ASOS, and a wonderful pearl necklace by Hultquist Copenhagen.

We love how she made the look simple but fashionable by pairing it with the right accessories.

We think this Fashionista looks very chic, and we are sure that you will love her look as well. read more


This Fashionista was chosen as our “Fashionista of the Day in Pearls” because we really liked how she made the oversized sweater trend work with pearls.

Marie D., style blogger of MarieDanker.com, showed off her style with a cuff and bangle and pearl hardware earrings by Love Juliet Jewelry, and oversized sweater by Zara, and a pair of silk pants by H&M.

Her style looks really warm and totally chic.

We think this Fashionista looks great, and we think you will too.

What do you think? Does she look chic? read more

FASHION: Pearl Mix & Match (Monsoon UK x Pearls Only)

We, at Pearls Only, are forecasters of stylish must-haves items! We are constantly searching for items to add to our collection of great clothing and accessory items. We always look forward to sharing with you clothing and accessories that you are in need of for your growing wardrobe!

Today in our “Pearl Mix & Match” we have a cute dress perfect for a fancy occasion and pearl earings that are fit for any festive occasion. The great combination of this dress from us.monsoon.co.uk and beautiful pearl earring by Pearls Only is a fashionable look for all your classy outings! read more