Why Buy A Beautiful White Gold Pearl Pendant

white gold pearl pendant
These days the wearing of a white gold pearl pendant like other pieces of jewelry using this metal has become very popular once again. It was during the 1920’s that the use of white gold in the creation of jewelry became increasingly fashionable.  This was because it was seen as a more affordable metal to use compared to say platinum.  Learn which are the advantages of buying such a pearl pendant!
pearl drop pendant
White gold also was used during the 2nd World War as the use of both nickel and platinum was prohibited.  The only people who were allowed to use these metals during this time were the military.  At this time the use of palladium white gold alloys became common. Then after the war cheaper alloys that contained nickel continued to be used in the creation of jewelry.   But these days you will find that white gold pearl pendants don’t contain any nickel. The reason for this is this particular alloy causes a high number of allergic reactions.
white gold pearl pendant
A white gold pearl pendant is the perfect alternative for anyone who would love to own some gold jewelry but one that comes with silvery tones.   This is also the more cost-effective option for those who would love to own jewelry that is made using platinum. For those who love silver jewelry but avoid buying it because the metal tarnishes over time will love any pieces made using white gold.  Although it may include the word gold in its name, unlike gold and silver this particular metal is much more durable.  As you will see when you look online this metal is very malleable so can be formed into some amazing white gold pearl designs. Although we talk a great deal about the wearing of pearl pendant in white gold in this article, white gold engagement rings have become popular as well.  This is because Kate Middleton was presented with such when she got engaged to Prince William.  This is the exact same ring that was worn by Princess Diana upon her engagement to Prince Charles.
white gold pearl pendant
This is one of the reasons why the wearing of any kind of white gold jewelry has become popular even items such as a white gold Tahitian pearl pendant.   To further enhance the look of such pieces you may want to consider teaming them with a pair of white gold Tahitian pearl drop earrings.  These two items together will compliment any outfit. As discussed above the use of a nickel alloy inthe creation of a white gold black pearl pendant isn’t allowed.  However, some of the more vintage pieces yousee available may contain it.  So becareful when thinking about buying any vintage white gold pearl pendants.

What Alloys Are Used In The Creation Of A White Gold Pearl Pendant Today

In place of nickel most white gold is made today by combining pure yellow gold and silver, copper, zinc or palladium.  How white the gold becomes is dependent on the metals used along with how much of these are added to the pure yellow gold.  So a white gold pearl pendant that looks more silver will have a larger amount of say silver adding into it.  Whilst pieces that have a more yellow tint to them will have less.
white gold pearl pendant
But along with the use of the metals mentioned above the white gold pearl pendant mounting will also be covered in a thin layer of rhodium.   It is this covering that gives the white gold pearl pendant settings their white color.  It also gives each piece the chromatic look that we often associate with this particular metal today. The rhodium plating isn’t just used to enhance the white color of the gold, it has another very important use.  It provides additional strength and hardness to any pearl pendant in white gold once it has been applied.  This helps to ensure that the piece you buy will last for many years to come.

Advantages Of Owning A White Gold Pearl Pendant

  1. Unlike true yellow gold, this metal doesn’t rust, become tarnished or corrode over time.
  2. It is a lot more malleable than platinum so it makes it easier for jewelers to work it into very fine and intricate designs.
  3. It costs a lot less than platinum so is perfect if you want a piece that has the look of platinum but also comes with the tradition of gold.
  4. The clean white sheen of this metal is perfect to help accentuate the color and luster of any pearl used in the design.
white gold pearl pendant

Disadvantages Of Owning A White Gold Pearl Pendant

  1. You need to be careful if you intend to wear such a piece on a daily basis, as this metal can scratch easily.
  2. Over time the rhodium that is used to cover the white gold in your pearl pendant can wear away.  If this happens then it will need to be replated so your white gold pearl pendant retains its white color.  This is a very simple process that any experienced jeweler can carry out and doesn’t cost a great deal.
  3. As there may be some nickel present in some white gold pearl pendants these may not be suitable for those who suffer from allergies to do with metal.
Yet although there are certain advantages and disadvantages to be had from owning any kind of white gold pearl pendant they still make a wonderful piece to own.
white gold pearl pendant
But just like any other piece of jewelry, it is important that you take care of such pieces properly.  Only ever put your white gold necklace with pearl pendant on after you’ve finished applying your makeup and perfume.  Also, make sure to wipe the piece down with a soft cloth and some warm water to prevent any chemicals remaining in contact with either the metal or the pearl. At Pearlsonly.com we like to ensure that we provide some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry where white gold has been used.  As you will see we have a wonderful selection of beautiful white gold pearl pendants to choose from.  So finding one that doesn’t only suit your budget but your particular tastes shouldn’t prove at all difficult.
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