What To Consider Before Buying Diamond Pearl Rings

diamond pearl rings

One of the most elegant and fashionable design these days are diamond pearl rings. Nowadays, more and more women are looking for unique rings, especially when they are getting engaged or simply want to wear something timeless and exquisite at the same time.  No longer is the simple diamond solitaire favored. In fact, women love rings that are a mix of gemstones. Read more to find out what you need to consider before buying a diamond pearl ring.

Of course, choosing the right kind of diamond pearl ring becomes a little trickier. There are a few things you need to be looking out for that will be similar if you were going to be just buying a diamond ring.

1. With any such purchase before you begin looking you need to have a price in mind. So it would be useful to set up a budget first and then use this as a filter when browsing. Any diamond pearl rings will be more expensive than rings with just diamonds or pearls.  However, pearls are much more affordable compared to diamonds. But they can still prove expensive if you aren’t fully aware of what you should be looking at.

2. Just as with diamonds, pearls come in a variety of different sizes. So the larger the pearl in any diamond pearl jewelry will increase the value of the piece. Also, they can be mounted or encrusted in so many ways: discrete, opulent, conventional, sophisticated.

3. When it comes to buying any diamond and pearl rings you need to take into consideration the size of the wearer’s fingers.  Smaller, more delicate hands will, of course, look much better if the ring contains much smaller pearls and diamonds.

4. But size isn’t the only issue you need to be considered.  The metal used to form the base of any diamond pearl ring designs needs to be taken into consideration as well.

diamond pearl rings

5. Moreover, when buying a diamond pearl ring think about what colors you like the most. If you are someone who is drawn to cooler tones or hues, then jewelry made of silver types of metal is best. For you, diamond pearl rings white gold mounting would be perfect. However, if your budget can stretch a little further then you other options. You may want to consider investing in a diamond and pearl ring that uses platinum as the mount.

If you are someone who likes warmer tones then choose diamond pearl ring designs where yellow or rose gold has been used.   However by mixing two color metals together is also a good choice.  This will allow you to wear the piece with a variety of different outfits and other pieces of jewelry that you own.

Should you choose the base of the ring, going to yellow or rose gold then selecting to set the diamonds and pearls into a head made from platinum is a great idea. This way the pearls and diamonds will be accentuated even more. The platinum will actually show off the brilliance of the diamond and the luster of the pearls even more.

So Which Metals Are The Best?

As we’ve already discussed above metal plays an important role when it comes to rings.   There are certain reasons why you should say choose platinum over gold or say silver.

The first reason for choosing platinum is that it is one of the strongest metals now used in the creation of jewelry.  The second reason for choosing to invest in a platinum diamond pearl ring is this metal is hypoallergenic.  So if you have sensitive skin you can wear diamond pearl jewelry without any problems.

diamond pearl rings

As for gold this is a very versatile metal, although it is a lot softer than platinum.  But jewelers are able to compensate for this by combining it with other metal alloys. It is these metal alloys that provided the gold with additional strength. But it is still pliable meaning that it can be formed into some really wonderful shapes and forms.

Another feature of gold is it comes in a variety of different colors and this is dependent on the kind of metal alloys combined with it. Yellow gold is actually a mix of gold and silver. As for white gold, this is a combination of gold with zinc, copper, nickel or rhodium.

Then you come across rose gold and this particular one is a mix of yellow gold that has been combined with copper.  Finally, we have green gold, something that you don’t see that often.  This particular gold is made through mixing yellow gold together with copper, zinc, and silver.

diamond pearl rings

So as you can see from the above such different colored metals means you have the opportunity of being able to buy very unique diamond pearl rings.

Once you’ve selected what kind of metal you want the pearls and diamonds to be mounted onto.  The next decision you need to make is what style of setting the gemstones should be placed into.   To help you with this decision I’m going to explain a little more about the styles of settings you can select from that are now available in a variety of different diamond pearl ring designs.

What Kinds Of Setting Should You Consider Regarding Diamond Pearl Rings?

Setting 1 – Pave

This setting allows for the diamond and pearls to be set close together.  As a result much of the metal used for mounting the stones isn’t visible.   But this kind of ring reflects a great deal of light and as the diamonds and pearls used in such are relatively small the cost of buying such is reasonable.

diamond pearl rings

Setting 2 – Halo

This is the kind of setting we more often see being used in the creation of diamond and pearl rings.   What often happens is a larger pearl is placed in the center and then encircled by smaller diamonds.   This style of setting helps to actually get more for your money.  Plus it also helps to make the pearl the focal point of the piece. This is because the smaller stones around it make it look even larger. The light reflecting off the diamonds surrounding the pearl also help to bring out the luster even more.

These days, of course, you will find when you visit sites like ours here at Pearlsonly.com that we have a wonderful selection of different diamond pearl rings. All of them exhibit splendid designs to choose from.  So finding one that doesn’t just suit your tastes, but also fits your budget will prove very easy. Just check our wonderful selection of pearl rings!

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