PEARL FASHION: 5 Unique Pearl Pendants

Many of us associate a pearl necklace with a simple strand of white freshwater pearls, but in modern times, you can now find some really gorgeous pearl pendants in different styles, colors, pearl qualities, and origins—how wonderful is that?

With unique and beautiful pearl pendants like the ones we included below, you can now give up the “old school” ideas that pearls are for a mature woman, and catch up to the latest trending pearls that are sleek and chic. Pearls can now be worn at any age and for almost any occasion.

 Athena Pendant – Black AA 7-8mm Freshwater Pearl Pendant

We love this pendant because of its simplicity and unique style. The artistic rectangular framing accompanied with the darling black freshwater pearl makes it a complete eye catcher. This pendant will look chic with a white tank and a pair of fitted jeans.

 Eudora Pendant – Pink AA 7-8mm Freshwater Pearl Pendant 

We love this piece because it is wonderfully deigned with a beautiful pink freshwater pearl as a focal point that is accompanied by stylish heart sparkles. Nothing will look more amazing with your casual look that can be taken from day to night in a white blouse and a black pencil skirt.

 Rocio Pendant – Black AA 9-10mm Freshwater Pearl Pendant

We adore this pendant because it is the eponymy of art and style in the perfect combination of an abstract floral design with a gorgeous black freshwater pearl that is the center of attention. This pendant will be a great complement to a little red dress.

Destina Pendant – Black AAAA 7-8mm Freshwater Pearl Pendant

This pendant is simple yet complicated. It features a black freshwater pearl holding on to the chain making for a daring style. We love the cubic zirconia framing that is designed to look as if the pearl is dangling by a string.  A really great gift for that special someone in your life that loves a unique and fascinating piece of jewelry.


Pearl Pendants Information

Pearl pendants add such a lovely sparkle and shimmer to every neckline for every occasion. A pearl pendant is a touch of demure and understated elegance. Beautiful pearl pendants can add a hint of radiance and feminine beauty to the office and boardroom. A pearl pendant worn with simple everyday jeans and sneakers will add a bit of fun and elegance.

Pearl pendants have a rich and deep history that date back to the classic and early history of mankind. In the Imperial courts of China, pearl pendants were awarded by Emperors for service or merit. If a soldier, noble, scholar performs a great deed; he is often given a pearl pendant as a token of the Emperor’s deep appreciation and regard.

Pearl pendants then also became the awarded person’s badge of rank as well as symbol of his titles and lands. Noble women and Empresses wore pearl pendants as they believed the pearl’s beautiful natural glow and radiance will be transferred and enhance the beauty of the wearer. Their pearl pendant was an essential part of their noble and imperial wardrobe.

Pearl pendants were also worn by nobles and the wealthy in European courts a symbol of status and wealth. As pearls are natural gems, the luminescent glow of pearl pendants were thought to be protection against the unnatural.

Recently, jewelry collectors of refined tastes have discovered the mystery and allure of the Tahitian black pearl pendant . These pearl pendants are updated classics, combining the elegance of a pearl pendant with the deep dark luster of black.

A black pearl pendant is truly a bold touch to any occasion. Whether in an office or at a formal occasion, a black pearl pendant will add a subtle air of elegance combined with a hint of mystery. Pearl pendants are just so versatile!

A Tahitian black pearl pendant is very large and definitely very opulent. Heads will turn and jaws will drop at that next special occasion when an elegant lady makes her entrance wearing a Tahitian black pearl pendant. The luster and color of a Tahitian black pearl pendant is nothing short of legendary. Pearl pendants are just so elegant.
There are just so many wonderful choices to match every mood and every occasion with pearl pendants.