Should You Buy Cultured Or Natural Pearl Drop Necklace?

pearl drop necklace

We all know that pearls come from an oyster, but probably don’t have any real idea about how they are formed.   As you will see when you do a search for a pearl drop necklace that pearls come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and colours.  But what you may not be aware of is that they come in a variety of different types also.  Find out the several types and pick your favorite drop pearl necklace!

When it comes to buying a pearl drop necklace there are two major kinds of pearls that will have been used in the making of such beautiful pieces of jewelry.  There are ones that use cultured pearls and others that use natural ones.

pearl drop necklace

Although they are both in fact 100% real, there is a big difference in how they have been made. This will often affect the price of the pearl drop necklace and earring set you may be considering buying.  It becomes even more important when you are looking at buying say a pearl drop necklace and earrings online.

So How Are Natural Pearls Made?

As the oyster moves around in the sea some form of irritant may become lodged in the soft tissue of this molluscue.  In response to this, the oyster’s defense mechanism kicks in.  As a result of this, the oyster begins to secrete a coating known as nacre to cover the irritant.  Over time the oyster will cover the irritant in several layers of the nacre and this is what creates the pearl within them.

And How Are Cultured Pearls Made?

The exact same process is used in the creation of cultured pearls, but with two differences.

  1. The first of these being that cultured pearls used in say a diamond and pearl drop necklace will have been grown on a farm.
  2. The second of these being that a pearl farmer will insert an irritant into the oyster on purpose.

A cultured pearl is formed through the farmer inserting a shell bead into the oyster that they have bred specifically for creating pearls.  Not only is this process very tedious but it needs to be done with great care. Remember, the oysters are very fragile.  It is the shell bead that acts as an irritant and which results in the oyster’s defence mechanism getting to work and causing the layers of nacre to be secreted.   It takes a great deal of nurturing and caring for the oysters in order for cultured pearls to be made.

pearl drop necklace

So as you can see from above there isn’t any way possible for us to get an oyster in the sea to make pearls.   But by being able to artificially implant an irritant into an oyster means the management of production of pearls becomes a lot easier.  It also means that pearl farmers are better able to manage the prices charged for such beautiful gems.

Nowadays it is very hard almost impossible to find natural pearls.  In fact, the divers who go in search of such put their lives at risk on a regular basis in the hope that they strike it lucky.  But there are not as many natural pearls being created these days as a result of pollution and divers.

pearl drop necklace

Whereas cultured pearls used in creating beautiful gold and pearl drop necklace jewelry are made in a more nurturing and secure environment.  This results in the oysters having a better chance of surviving and in turn producing some very high-quality pearls.

What Kinds Of Cultured Pearls Can You Get?

These days there are five main kinds of cultured pearls you can buy.  In fact, you will soon discover that all real pearl jewelry is being sold as cultured pearls rather than natural ones.   When it comes to buying natural pearl jewelry these days it is very difficult as they are very rare.  Any pieces you do find tend to be vintage and carry a very hefty price tag.

The five main kinds of cultured pearls used in a beautiful pearl drop necklace are as follows:

1.  Akoya Pearls

Want perfectly round white pearls in your pearl drop necklace and earring set then these are the ones we suggest you buy.  In fact, these tend to be used frequently in the creation of a single strand of pearls.  They have a very high luster and shine compared to other types of cultured pearls.

As well as being white in colour some are also a more cream colour.  They tend to be quite small in size compared to other pearls.  Most of the Akoya pearls measure between 5 and 11 mm.

pearl drop necklace

2.  Handama Pearls

More often known as the Ferraris of the pearl world.  These are in fact cultured Akoya pearls that have been certified by the PSL (Pearl Science Laboratory) in Japan.  Only cultured Akoya pearls used in making say a pearl and diamond drop necklace with this certification can be called Handama pearls.

These pearls carry the highest luster of all cultured pearls available today.  But rather than being white in colour they tend to have a silver or blue tone to them.  Most tend to measure between 7 and 10 mm in size.

pearl drop necklace

3.  Freshwater Pearls

Back in the 1990’s these pearls begun to emerge as rivals to the Akoya pearl, and come in pretty much the same white round form as the Akoya.  But with freshwater cultured pearls, you will find that you have a much wider selection of colours, sizes, and shapes to choose from.

Again you can find them in cream or white and tend to range in size from 2mm up to 15 mm.

pearl drop necklace

4.  South Sea Pearls

Both the white and golden south sea pearls are the most sought-after of cultured pearls today.  This is because they happen to be the most rare and offer much more luster.  Plus you will find that they came in a much greater range of sizes. Unlike other pearls, you will find that these get cultivated in saltwater.

The main colours of this type of pearl, which may be used in creating a stunning pearl drop necklace white gold enhancement, would be white, silver or cream.  The smallest size pearls formed measures 8 mm, whilst the largest tend to be around 20 mm.

gold pearl drop necklace

5. Tahitian Pearls

These are the only pearls that are naturally black in colour and black pearl drop necklace is certainly a statement piece of jewelry.   To cultivate black pearls a pearl farmer needs to use an oyster called Pinctada Margaritifera. This is the only one that can produce such pearls.

As well as being extremely vibrant you’ll find these types of pearls are very rare.  You will notice when you go to buy say a black pearl drop necklace that they are quite expensive.  But this isn’t the case if you choose to buy yours through us here at

You will find that these pearls tend to nearly perfectly round in shape and have a brilliant luster to them.  Also, you may soon notice that the size of these pearls is generally much bigger compared to other cultured pearls.  Generally, black Tahitian pearls tend to measure between 8 and 20 mm in size.

pearl drop pendant

Although they are known as black pearls these do come in a variety of different colours.  Some may look brown, others grey, some even look blue, green or purple.  Again this really helps them to become a statement piece of jewelry especially when you combine a black pearl with say a white gold or silver necklace.

As you can see from above you are spoiled for choice when it comes to buying cultured pearls.  So being able to find one that suits your tastes and your budget shouldn’t prove at all difficult.

pearl drop necklace

Might we suggest you think about what kinds of outfits you intend to wear your pearl drop necklace with?  If you intend to wear yours on an everyday basis then a beautiful Akoya pearl drop chain necklace would be ideal.  However, if you only intend to wear yours on more special occasions then a beautiful black pearl and diamond drop necklace would be more appropriate.

Whatever your decision is we are sure that you will find a suitable necklace here at   As well as being able to purchase the necklace on its own we have some beautiful sets of pearl drop necklace and earrings available as well.

pearl drop necklace

As we grow older so our tastes do change yet even the most simple designs suit women of all ages.  By keeping things simple when it comes to buying a pearl drop necklace you are investing in a piece of jewelry that won’t ever look dated and will go with a variety of different outfits.  Don’t be too surprised to find that as your daughter grows older she asks if she can borrow the pearl drop necklace you brought say 10 years ago.

It doesn’t matter what age you are we all realise just how beautiful pearls are and how they can make any outfit look a lot more glamorous without the need for going overboard.

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